Designing strictly for yourself makes more sense, even in games design?

I was thinking just this very moment, whether it’s possible to get trapped in a mindset of making a group activity (and I think I might have posted about something like this before)

Take this for example – if you just made things to amuse yourself, like drawings, well, they amuse you and your productive, you make them. Now potentially at some point you might be able to take what you’ve made, or your own now developed and skilled capacity to make some money from that.

BUT if your trying to make a game and you take that to be something other people are to play and not just yourself (and how many game designers design just for their own play? Few, especially compared to the number of artists who draw for their own pleasure), well, then your stuck in terms of making some money!

Because all that time you’ve been striving to make this stuff accessable to other people already. Unlike the artist who has been producing many works and honing his skills, all the while having fun, you’ve been chasing after accessability to other people. Instead of holding back a product until an echange of some goods/money has occured,you’ve been chasing after plays and trying to give, give, give.

I dunno, I’m trying to grope at something where basically I need another person in order to forfil this creative activity – which, without such, the production of material and increase is tons slower than if I was doing a creative activity where I just need myself (like the drawing).

I think I haven’t been selfish enough. Recently I’ve been trying to get more monetized and of course that involves some more selfishness, and that made the idea of just making a game to fit my own desires come across my mind. And the contrast is deep! I can even, if only just, feel the entire feedback loop of creation and completion, and how it’d just be far more rewarding.

Eh, something I’m thinking about, anyway.

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