S-rank Dev Post #4: Peeking into the wilderness


Coin for blood. But only if their loss is greater than yours.

[[ Stark minimalism there, not gunna lie. There are some bushes in the background for the impression of movement during travel and after the actual meat of gameplay is done I’m probably going to spend some project time (there aught to be some remaining) to add to the background objects. Wouldn’t mind a parallax effect. Maybe a skyline and some hills way in the distance, slowly moving to the left as you travel right.

For now the copper and skill points show continually but I’d like to hide them except when an increase in one occurs.

And the S-rank runt is pictured for the first time! ]]

The comics trolls use to talk

From a toxic person I got passed a comic link as a reply (I said they were toxic) : https://xkcd.com/1860/

Now usually what I’ve seen from xkcd are some reasonably smart comics? Why does this one nose dive?

If you’re interested in what someone is saying, then you want to know what they mean by the words they use. You don’t want to know someone else’s words, you don’t want to know your own projection onto the words. You want to know what they mean.

Or you don’t care what they mean.

So where does this comic go? The other person doesn’t care what the first is saying? How is that any more funny than the person saying “I don’t care what you’re saying”. That’d be a joke that falls utterly flat.

Are there people who resent the idea that someone wouldn’t want words put in their mouth? Or be told what their own words mean?

“How dare you think what YOU mean is something YOU get to decide! I shall parody this notion!”

How does this make sense to the author or the toxic person who linked it? I’d suggest it doesn’t – it’s some bizarre control issue. Like a forge defined prima donna who can’t let anyone else have the spotlight in a game, this person resents anyone else actually getting to decide what they mean. To the point where someone else thinking they get to decide what they mean is some kind of joke?