2 thoughts on “Banks and the whole $5 per month charge

  1. In the UK their stamping down on bank charges using the regulator for exactly that reason; if you don’t really have a choice, market rules aren’t applying. It’s like land, or your air example; we have to bring democracy in or those who own the land can use their property rights to mess with people’s necessities and just take control of their lives.

  2. Thank goodness there’s some movement in atleast one country. And given it’s the UK, it might filter down here.

    I know I should be out writting letters and protesting, but that’s the trick with this – everyones got such busy lives they don’t exactly have time to protest $5 a month, even when its not fair/not the right way for bankers to treat other human beings. The banks know they are sliding things in just under the protest line – it’s not only treating other people in an unfair way, it’s doing it in cold blood.

    Thanks for the update, Josh!

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