Imaginative workouts don’t happen unless you let something press on your imagination

From the forge, and as it’s quoting my post, context takes a moment to kick in.

Whoa, Jaakko, a ‘should’ slipped in from somewhere and I think Marshall took it up too. I’ve described that I think imagination in a group becomes harmoginised and stagnant and for myself, I look for rules that fuck up that harmoginisation, for the new ways we go when were can’t do the very first thing that comes to our imagination. It’s not a matter of should, it’s a matter that when imagination is in charge of whether rules are followed, that harmoginisation pretty much remains perfectly intact. Perhaps I’m wrong about the whole harmoginisation thing, but I take it to be true and I’m pretty much over games where imagination comes first and foremost/imagination controls whether rules are followed. That’s me. Now I’m assuming something about 3:16 prompted or encouraged Marshall to simply do as imagination dictated (he does mention above that ‘the rules say to award Effectiveness’). If not and he did it off his own bat, well I’ll still go with my first comment – if the nuke thing had been within the rule structure, I admire the art made and skill it took to make it/to fit imagination within a rules construct. But just ignoring rules makes me go ‘Uegh’, mostly out of anticipating something else and not getting it at all. Not that that matters a great deal, I was just expressing my hope (that’s why my posts were small, as it’s not a terribly important subject)

Marshall, the above might explain me better, because force shmorce, my positions not about force. But taking your high ground example…what I’d like to see is when everyone including the GM think he’s on higher ground and want to give the bonus, but can’t as the rules stop them from doing so! How does their imagination get around that, aye? There’s a bit of an imagination workout, stretching the imagination from the usual harmoginsed group way of thinking into a direction they, without the game, would not have gone. But then uegh…ignore the rule because clearly blah blah subtext imagination first blah blah. Ie, No work out (ugh…okay, to dilute my point but be pedantically accurate – in this particular instance (perhaps not in the rest of play), no work out).

Quote = Marshall
But, really, fucking with the kill economy doesn?t hurt anything. It doesn?t matter when people level up, get promoted, get demoted, only that it happens. The when and why become fodder for the playgroup, as they turn it into bonafide elements of Situation (and especially Conflict), which they can and will do, all by themselves.

Well, as I’ve basically said above, I’d like to see the kill economy fucking with your imaginations, rather than the other way around. Okay, you’ve worked this nuke into the fiction and it’s gone off, with the apparent idea of massive devistation. But hey, let’s say the kill economy fucks with your imagination instead – how do you fit your imagination into the kill economy? How can you fit this nuke explosion in somehow WITHOUT breaking the rules structure? That’s the imaginative hurdle/hundred kilogram imaginative weights to work out with.

But hey, if the author wrote it with the vibe (or however you might put it) that you ignore the rules at that point, hey, your playing right. I just already own games like that. For myself it’s not enough anymore. I’m basically just expressing my hope for what products are available, when I’ve responded in this thread.

Reddit – another echochamber?

It struck me that reddit offers no return for posting links on it, unless your harmoginised with the mindset already there. It’s an echochamber – if you don’t think like them, you don’t get traffic – so people who don’t match their mindset either leave or start to conform to it. Thus it’s a bunch of people self confirming each other. Sure, perhaps it blocks out spammers. But it also blocks out challenging thought in the process.

My actual gripe is that this isn’t upfront. If they said they are a big ass echochamber from the start, well, okay, it’s their lives. But no, they seem accessable instead, which is pretty false, as either you conform to their mindset, or GTFO. A bait and switch. Reddit…into the bin!

Designing strictly for yourself makes more sense, even in games design?

I was thinking just this very moment, whether it’s possible to get trapped in a mindset of making a group activity (and I think I might have posted about something like this before)

Take this for example – if you just made things to amuse yourself, like drawings, well, they amuse you and your productive, you make them. Now potentially at some point you might be able to take what you’ve made, or your own now developed and skilled capacity to make some money from that.

BUT if your trying to make a game and you take that to be something other people are to play and not just yourself (and how many game designers design just for their own play? Few, especially compared to the number of artists who draw for their own pleasure), well, then your stuck in terms of making some money!

Because all that time you’ve been striving to make this stuff accessable to other people already. Unlike the artist who has been producing many works and honing his skills, all the while having fun, you’ve been chasing after accessability to other people. Instead of holding back a product until an echange of some goods/money has occured,you’ve been chasing after plays and trying to give, give, give.

I dunno, I’m trying to grope at something where basically I need another person in order to forfil this creative activity – which, without such, the production of material and increase is tons slower than if I was doing a creative activity where I just need myself (like the drawing).

I think I haven’t been selfish enough. Recently I’ve been trying to get more monetized and of course that involves some more selfishness, and that made the idea of just making a game to fit my own desires come across my mind. And the contrast is deep! I can even, if only just, feel the entire feedback loop of creation and completion, and how it’d just be far more rewarding.

Eh, something I’m thinking about, anyway.

Backyard green talk

There’s something really satisfying about pulling 2kg of very fresh potatoes out of the ground. I looked it up on coles online and they are around $2 a kilo…$3 for the fancier ones. I like to rate these as fancier, because they are incredibly fresh, of course. Know what it’s like to find a $5 note on the ground? This is like finding $6 in the back yard 🙂

Yeah, I know, I should really look at how long it took to grow them, and yeah, I didn’t write down when I put them in. It has taken awhile for that $6 to happen. But still, it’s encouraging!

And yeah, I kind of sound like my monetized blog right now, talking the numbers. But I’m chuffed, and those are the terms that come to mind 🙂

No story? Or did you forget what you did?

MMO crunch asks is borderlands a mmog, and in doing so asks if there is a story

This is what I had to say in short:

In terms of story, I always look at gamers who expect to read a story in an interactive medium and think “Wha!?”. It’s an interactive medium – YOU make the story.

What I would grant is that these games, not at all right now, have any tools to record player actions and layout a story (or atleast a log of cool events). So it’s easy to forget the story you just made.

I wrote more on my other blog

Emotional roots

There’s more than a few bits in the prince of nothing novels where he refers to something like men take the wreckage of what has become, then call it their own choice and declare that to be themselves.

I was idling through elfwood and saw this. One of the comments is ‘How did she die?’.

That’s the human mind – not asking why it grieves over a dead love to begin with, but asking how did she die. Just taking the wreckage of what has happened and going on from there, pursuing why she died, rather than pursuing why it was a concern at all that she died, to begin with. Your roots may as well determine your destination, but we ignore our emotional roots and simply act as extensions of them.

And another ‘Story Gauntlet’

Calling it story gauntlet now, over at:

The game I made for it now is a short adventure shoot ’em up! I quite enjoy this one, rather than it being just a quick platformer mock up. Though there’s an easy difficulty cheat code, found at that link, if it’s a bit tough to beat!

Just viewing the other blog helps with page views, which grants a small amount of income simply from the ads being shown to visitors. And if you have any monetized blogs of your own now or in future you would like visits to, I’m really happy to return the favour 🙂

Words bitten back: Certainty

From here


I’ll give this one last shot and I’m done.

Do you think I’m wrong in detecting a ‘I’ll give this one last shot, because I’m absolutely certain I’m right on this…there is no room for doubt in my mind. I can not be wrong at all on this at all’

Even Richard Dawkins, who raves about Evolution, will actually provide you methods to disprove his beloved theory, like ‘Fossilized Rabbits in the Precambrian’ (I think that was the time period – it was definately a time period they shouldn’t show up in. Comments left will prompt me to find the reference).

I mean, I don’t think it means one more shot at understanding the details of any evidence against it, as the rest of the post is just trying to add more evidence for it, rather than asking questions or such.

Here’s a quote from me, which has probably been said in the past, but I have paralel developed it.

“The man who is absolutely certain is the man who does not care what happens if he is wrong”

Forum ‘right givers’

As a supplement to my thread here.

Looking at the D&D forums, they also have a little forum culture where they start granting themselves rights. Like ‘Oh, the GM can’t cheat’ and such. And they have a thread where they all agree with each other that that is the case. And ‘thus’ it’s the case for their group. Except it’s only the people on the forum who have agreed with that, not their group.