Backyard green talk

There’s something really satisfying about pulling 2kg of very fresh potatoes out of the ground. I looked it up on coles online and they are around $2 a kilo…$3 for the fancier ones. I like to rate these as fancier, because they are incredibly fresh, of course. Know what it’s like to find a $5 note on the ground? This is like finding $6 in the back yard 🙂

Yeah, I know, I should really look at how long it took to grow them, and yeah, I didn’t write down when I put them in. It has taken awhile for that $6 to happen. But still, it’s encouraging!

And yeah, I kind of sound like my monetized blog right now, talking the numbers. But I’m chuffed, and those are the terms that come to mind 🙂

2 thoughts on “Backyard green talk

  1. I grow my own potatoes too!
    Well not the whole years supply, but still. Actually it’s my spouse who does most of the skill demanding agricultural efforts needed, I’m more like a farm hand. We have 10*10 meters allotment, and we grow salads, carrots, strawberries, even corn. Growing your own food is rewarding in so many ways. And Facebook Farmville seems so lame when you can do it in real life =D

  2. That’s really good! But it sounds like your set up is way better than mine. It must be really nice to look on it all growing so well 🙂

    I think in real life, it’s the initial waiting and lack of glamour that puts people off. I keep thinking perhaps you could make a game that would get people excited about going out into their patch of dirt or window box and start growing things. World of Plantcraft, ahoy! hehe

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