RPG design and looking at a geometric reward increase

It’s been interesting to look at an actual overall reward structure. Roleplay often seems to start at level 1 or some equivalent and you just muddle around in the small currencies of it. And then some games never actually do anything but keep you muddling around. Where are we going to? What are we on track to achieving? Well maybe it sim inclined designers not caring about that, they just want to explore around and never actually getting anywhere doesn’t matter to them. Like they don’t have, in real life, a goal that is situated in the game world. They just want to explore around the game world much like the gods in Jason and the Argonauts watch Jason’s activities through their viewing pool. Amused but not attached.

However, for those who invest IN the game world and want to go somewhere in it, well then if you’re making a game then you want to make sure you’re going somewhere.

What’s this dense text below? It’s the result of some code I wrote to make a geometric progression.


Basically each bracket represents session number. It starts at 3 because the first two had the same value and that’s no good for progression. 3 would actually be session 1.

The value next to the brackets is what you stand to win in a conflict. Basically conflicts are one roll affairs and you would be doing around 30 rolls every real life hour of session play. A session is roughly three hours long.

So during session 1 you’d be able to gain 0.01 coins per conflict.

In session 2 you most likely have gained the ability to face a dungeon where you can gain 0.02 coins per conflict

In session 3 you’ve most likely made it to being able to make…ah DANG! Session 3 and 4 have the same value so I needed to wipe that one out as well but didn’t.

Okay, this is part of the development process….

So i adjusted my code to snip out the first two levels and that pesky repeat


Now you can see the progression.

On session 1 in each conflict roll you will be in with a chance to win 0.01 coin

On session 2, 0.02 coin

On Session 3, 0.03 coin

And so it goes. Each session is once a week, so we’re going for a bit short of a year IRL (because some weeks get cancelled and there’s christmas, etc)

Also in game there will be a chance once every ~20 minutes of player to move to the next sessions earning level early! So you might get to the top at about session 40 or so.

Also you would be risking similar amounts, with the chance (if you’re progressing okay) of winning being just a little over 50%.

It’s a very much ‘play IN the world’ game. Not a game where like a god you lounge around your viewing pool and are simply amused by the exploration that Jason unfolds, yet not invested or attached to it.

For gamers invested in getting somewhere in the game world we have a game of increasingly higher stakes each session, with chances of going higher mid session as well. Until you’re rolling for 820 coins in the latter game. Starting from 0.01 coin and going to 820 latter…you’re definitely working your way up to something. Not just wandering around in the same thing, picking up the same scrap amounts of coin.

Having established this overall spine of progression I’m pretty pumped! Now working on the smaller details feels more important as they tie into the big progression!