How is Artificial Meat more Humane?

If artificial meat is ‘more humane’, what does that mean? That for millions of years were were being inhumane?? But we just didn’t talk about it or something? Just kind of overlooked it – maybe just gave the impression it was actually okay to butcher animals for meat? But suddenly if you can produce artificial meat then you can be ‘more humane’? It’d be like saying new technology X can make you less of a criminal – and maybe you are like ‘I was doing anything criminal at all to begin with??’

Thoughts provoked by a recent SMBC comic:


Player Feedback and Inherent Meaning Worlds

Just a quick thought. Take it that some players have little to say on what they want to see in games. I wonder if it is because they are looking for an inherently meaningful world?

An inherently meaningful world would, if taking its behavior from intuition, have an inherent destiny that draws the character (which is to say, the players externalized expression of their desires) to what they want to happen.

Where as just saying they want X to happen might feel ‘cheap’ for it to happen. ‘As if it wasn’t real’

So then there’s this sort of silent optimism, as they wait for their shining special time to come. Whatever it actually is. I dunno, can you Vulcan mind read people?

I dunno, I always figured you could spit ball, throw out ideas and get feedback after doing a thing. But at this point, if what I’m describing is ever the case (hopefully I’m wrong and it’s not), then there is never feedback beyond disappointment. Of the million things they might like, you can only basically give one thing. So you have a one in a million chance. Pretty much waste of time odds.

All waiting for that shining star, ‘real’ destiny.



Tomb of Annihilation – a mid play Reflection

I don’t think they put together much of a hex crawl. With hex crawls you find places on the map in almost every hex. You may even return to them for various reasons. Maybe there are some empty hexes, but generally just between actual locations.

I think WOTC would have done well to present rough idea of TWO locations out in the grid – and nearby, like two or three hexes away from port Nyanzaru. Each location, when found, would then present information as to another two locations (sure, eventually you’ll run out of locations so some of the latter ones can reveal other locations already known about). This presents the players a choice, which when engaged presents them another choice, etc. Soon enough you have a map filled out with locations, or areas to explore in to find locations and possibly interactions between locations – ie reasons for PCs to actually go back to a place.

That or fill a whole bunch more of the hexes with actual locations. That’d be preferable, but for page count reasons the dual linked locations probably works more.

A moral logistical question

Okay, say you sat down to chess. You play awhile, but then your partner starts playing it like checkers!

An outrage I know! Time to give him what for! Time to tell him…wait a second, if you play by the rules of checkers, you can beat him.

Let’s say for the time being that he wont change rules again – you play chess like checkers now, you can win. And maybe win fifty bucks.

So he says you won. You have fifty more bucks than before. Did you win at chess?