Encounter 05, The Request

05 The request

There is a trap ahead of the PCs. It consists of a magically animated stone face on the wall that will speak to them when they approach. Whether it is merely an animated construct with no thought or spirit behind its words or whether it thinks is not quite clear.

But it will speak and say to the group “Please put fifty gold coins in the receptacle below.“

There is a small receptacle like bowl built below the face. If coins are put into it, the receptacle folds back into the wall beneath the face, there’s a clinking sound and then the receptacle folds back out again, empty.

If fifty gold is put into the bowl, it does just that…and nothing else happens! In a way this is a kind of strange trap, if money is given. But it goes further.

If no money is put into the receptacle bowl, the face starts to look angry and repeats the ‘request’ in a lower tone, delivered through clenched teeth.

If the PCs say no, the face gets even more angry looking. Then after a few more seconds/a chance for the PC’s to say anything else, the corridors trap is triggered.

If a PC says ‘If you are saying please, you should be able to take no for an answer’ or some variant of that phrase, the face just gets worse and becomes psychotic! But the traps have become out of control too and all characters have advantage to save on the traps.

A character who attempts to disarm the trap must beat DC: 19. If they do, the method of disarming is to state the above phrase, then when the phase goes into berserk rage, to give it a swift punch (no attack roll necessary). The face will disappear and become smooth black stone, the traps remaining inert. The trap will reset in future though. Perhaps after an hour – it doesn’t remember for very long!

If the PCs attempt to flee the face, it will fire the traps.

It is indeed traps plural – from the direction the party was headed, dart guns slide out from the wall and fire darts down the corridor. While at the same time from behind the party a blade at knee height unfolds from a wall then races along a groove in the wall toward the party!

You may want to give the last two party members a perception check of around DC 10 to notice the blade advancing on them from behind. Otherwise the whole party is at disadvantage to save against the blade. Also those who are aware of the blade and think to say they try jumping before they make their save against it with advantage!

The DC and damage of the darts and blades I leave to you good souls to determine. Also the XP, for surely this encounter is worth some XP. Or if you want an idea for them, leave a comment 🙂

The PCs may well simply leave after this. But if they investigate they find that actually the face is set in a door that is near flush with the wall. And which is also locked! But if picked the party finds a small cupboard like space behind the door and 100 gold laying on the ground in it, plus any gold the PC’s put in there!

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