Is the idea of theft, theft?

The idea of theft and that someone isn’t allowed to take your stuff.

Here’s a thought – why should someone with nothing support that system? What do they get out of it – they have nothing to protect, after all.

Taking it that the idea of a system is supposed to provide mutual benefit. But when someone has nothing, there’s no capacity for mutual benefit.

And if the idea of that system isn’t for mutual benefit – well, what’s the difference between that and feudal lords who demand taxes of their peasants, on pain of violence?

I think the traditional idea of theft doesn’t really give a rats ass about whether the other guy has anything. It’s just a self righteous conviction they can’t take these things and they should suffer if they try. Or atleast I’m examining what remnants of the idea are in me and it seems that way.

This also applies to obscene wealth relative to having, I dunno, just a few hundred in the bank – that person is expected to follow laws about not taking any of the millions the other guy has. But to what benefit? So if he had millions, he’d be protected? Bit of a BS benefit that one – it’s protecting someone in a way they’ll really never need.

I think in facing personal degradations due to lack of resources – well, if everyone else around you is in a similar state, well then in terms of system everyone’s getting the same benefit from not stealing. But when someone looks like the monopoly guy and the other guy is facing personal degradation, well as an equation the benefits the degradation guy get are cancelled by the degradation. So why should he subscribe to the system when it grants him no benefits?

It’s because the rich guy has the mentality of a thief and he thinks he gets to keep his money because it’s his and no one else aught to get any benefit in exchange for him keeping his money. Oh that and the gang in blue with the guns.

The feudal lords had more firepower than the peasants and that’s how they kept up the pattern they called a system. Those feudal roots are still very much present today, still expecting something for nothing (well, I suppose dishing out violence and incapacitation is giving something in return…)