Battle Royale/Apex Legends – just not that fun a jogging simulator?

There just isn’t much point to collecting gear – sure, some people will get a lot of leverge from it. But if we look at the numbers, particularly given only one squad can win at the end, most people will get wasted and all that gear gets wasted as well.

Like imagine if it counted for something – say an addition to character experience. Each party member that gets, say, armour, every party member gets some more XP at the end of the match. The same goes for other gear.

Now the game of running around and looking in buildings isn’t just a jogging simulator that maybe will matter latter. Getting gear would actually gain more points and greater  advancement.

Or something, so it’s not just pointless busy work.

“But I’ll get the good gear and I’ll winzorz because of it!”

It’s a gamblers argument – that the next pull of the one armed bandit will pay off.

It’s okay to have a gamble there. But without any actual persistent advancement it’s just jogging until you probably lose. After all, not every squad can win, can it. So picking up objects over and over – what’s the point? It’s not actually doing anything.

Personally I’d also prefer something more than just a bit more XP. But the game is stuck in the idea of not having any mechanical benefits granted, only cosmetic.

Battle royale (and Apex legends as one example of it) doesn’t seem that fun in the end. Lets job around the map poking in nooks and crannies for things that wont matter. Granted, a lot of people gamble, so maybe gamblers gunna gamble, eh?

Edit: Interestingly I’ve heard a similar complaint made here. But then again as I understand it that youtuber has continued to play it and so have I. But in the end it’s a jogging simulator – you play to jog around a landscape, you need items in order to try to stop others from letting you jog. Is it fun as a jogger? Well you get to ride zip lines and free fall with a jetpack – so extra jog there. But the reward structure of the game doesn’t really hold, so maybe you’ll have your jogging fun for awhile until you’ve jogged most of the map then move on.

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