I was just thinking of the Heroes TV series where one of the characters who can pass through time sees a future version of himself get killed (and that version knowing he’ll get killed).

And it really bugs me, that fatalism. Not just emotionally but in practical terms – you can see the future, you have information. But there’s this attitude of ‘Welp, that’s it, can’t do anything else’. A learned helplessness.

If everything is predetermine (never mind that you can’t know how all predeterminance works out until it’s been rendered/it happens), sure, it’s gunna happen.

But you don’t know how it turns out.

It’s just weird how the universe doesn’t know how things are gunna turn out – because I lied, we are going to look at how determinance doesn’t matter if you don’t know until the reality is rendered. The whole universe is kind of blind to what happens next. It’s funny how the psyche can echo that blindness – have that fatalism even when it can see the future (which can’t happen when things have not been rendered yet), you just gosh darn can’t do anything about it! It’s curious how psyche echoes that curve of the universe.

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