I don’t get the players of Survivor

If I were on that TV show, at the start I would say “Hey, I’m here to try and win – we can’t just be friends and get along because we’ve entered something where we are head to head. We can think well of each other as competitors, but what we’ve all signed up for is nobody is on anyone else’s side. Acting like it isn’t like that – that’s unhealthy”

And the players in the game don’t seem to get that – they start being all chatty and as if they are connecting with each other. And either they are naive in doing that or they are sharks in doing that – quite the two ends of the spectrum.

I mean seriously, trying to act like you’re all nice and someone to be friends with while you’re holding a dagger behind your back? At best the naive ones simply forget about the dagger – they have to beat each other in the end.

Some professional distance makes sense.

But the worst thing is? I think duplicitousness would win over that – someone who can switchblade between acting all nice and friendly yet at the same time planning everyone’s downfall, they are more likely to win amongst a bunch of naive players. They’d get the naive players on side who think they really are friends, they’d destroy the person who was straight with them about everyone being against everyone. Then the duplicitous will get rid of the naive, one by one. Honesty is the losing strategy. Particularly if you’ve given up having a soul anyway. The naive wont believe they’re really against each other even as it’s plain as day. And the sharks will simply leverage the naive against the honest.

I really wouldn’t do very well on one of those games.

3 thoughts on “I don’t get the players of Survivor

  1. As I understand it, there are team-based competitions. Good team spirit and co-operation probably help with completing the team competitions. I have not really watched the program, so I do not know the role of the team competitions in achieving final victory. This creates further complications, and also creates team spirit.

    The program is a drama engine which uses the victory condition as a tool in creating drama, I would guess.

    1. It’s not team based – ever. This reminds me of the whole Monty Hall problem, where people flicker fusion two separate games into one.

      There are boardgames where you form alliances with other players you must beat in the end as there is only one winner. When people play those they don’t act like they are best buddies when they form an alliance – they have a professional distance. The players on Survivor seem utterly shilled into thinking they can be friendly (except for the sharks amongst them)

      1. I cannot really comment on the details of the show, as I have very little exposure to it. But I know that it is possible to build a strong team spirit by having people perform as a team, having an opponent (or even implicit competition), the people being under pressure and in new conditions.

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