S-Rank Dev Post #3 – Your first steps into the pit

I’ve assembled the graphic images to create the kernal of the combat system – this involves attacking the S-rank, keeping a sharp eye for it readying an attack and using a shield block to block the attack.

Now in terms of where you start in the world. I’m thinking of it being in a fighting pit – a new recruit is thrown in with a captured, chained S-rank, to learn his tutelage without having to go out into the wilds and run into a mob of ’em straight away.

Latter I want to have some animations to further establish the threat of the S-rank. But for now at this point an S-rank, chain running from the collar on its neck, comes out. Then the instruction text comes up, which no one reads *eyeroll*, then the human fighter comes in. The S-rank lunges at him, meets the full extension of his chain and falls back. Then combat proper begins.

If the player looses here, they fall back and get patched up, since the creature is chained and can’t follow to finish the job. This lets you figure your way in the world without learning by dying. Not yet, anyway!

Dev hours: 5

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