S-Rank Dev Post #2

I was going to just do some work in progress at for the human fighter, but it sort of came out as an art style in itself. I’m considering redoing the S-rank at some point in the same style. Time spent: 1h10m

Anyway, the same old disclaimer: this is not from a triple A studio. This is not from an artist who will let the work dictate how many hours are put into it. And I’m not a trained artist.
Idle pose
Stab pose

In future I imagine being able to have upgrades for the weapon and shield, which start at a buckler and dagger. Also maybe swapping hair style and facial structure.

But lets get to having a game first, eh, before we talk about how we customise our game! 🙂

Stab pose actually has two frames, I’ve just not posted the second. Same for the idle pose. And there’s a block pose as well, not pictured, for blocking S-rank attacks.


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