S-Rank Dev Post #1

A lot of fan art for the second apocalypse books is done in a stark black and white style, with only some relieving grey. Occasional use of red. I haven’t permission to use these artists and I would hate to use them as placeholder art only to have to give them up latter to my own art should I be unable to get permission. So I’m starting out from my own efforts.

I don’t have an activated drawing pad myself, so I’m doing mouse art with the free Gimp program. As I’ve said, I’m not a triple A studio. Personally I like the charm of home made creations – I think we are too beholden to corporations and their ideologies if we only accept the art they pay and direct artists to make as if that’s the only good stuff. We should appreciate what we can make in our own homes, or we lose more power by not doing so. Took me 30 minutes. I go at a pace because I have quite a different philosophy from artists who let the artwork decide how many hours they’ll put into it.

I hope I’ve depicted the legs in such a way as to be like the hind legs of a dog, for I think the books depicted its creatures that way. Of course the S-rank is a totally different creature :), and the mythological creature ‘Pan’ was depicted with goats rear legs, so this is similar to that. Call it a satire/satyr…hehe. It’s in JPG form here



This is ‘idle’ stance 1. A second stance with slightly shifted limbs is the next one to make a sense of breathing and flexing. The S-rank doesn’t take up all the space in its frame as I imagine them being shorter than a man. More goblinoid.

There’s a little grubbiness around the image, but to be frank I think it suits the setting. It’s not a clean setting.

Latter will be a two frame attack animation, then a modification of that for a power attack animation.

After that it’s a matter of making a human character, with it’s own idle animation, two stage attack animation and a shield block animation.

If there are any artists who have art and want to give permission to use their art in this non commercial venture (well, I might post the game on Kongregate at some point, but basically non commercial), leave a comment and we can talk.

I’ve started doing art after doing the basic monster attack/player parry responce code.

Like most development, there is no conclusive end one can end on – things are created, but until the game is done, there isn’t an ending. 1 hour of coding and 30 minutes of art so far – I’m happy with the results. Whether my happiness, Venn diagram style, overlaps with anyone else’s happiness – well, I post as to see if I’m just walking down my own road or if there are others beside me.

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