Against the Giants: A snippet of actual play

This battle took about an hour. I posted this on facebook and it turned out so long I think it needed a blog entry as well:

I think a highlight last night was half the party down at the base of the fire giants throne room. The king, gravely hurt, decides to go lick his wounds and sends his guards to kill the interlopers.The wizard Annalena winks away, teleporting two hundred feet away down the smokey corridor leading to the throne room. Dell the rogue zips out to apply a healing potion to Jerek the sorcerer, who, revived, then pulls a cloak of elvenkind over herself to appear as a rock – next to the rock the king threw that felled Jerek! Then when no one is looking, casts invisibility on herself – as a rock just disappearing would look odd! Dell manages to administer a potion to Korall the palladin, but when he flees to the collumns to hide, the giants follow!

This is as Dell finds that while his hiding is great, enemies need only go behind the column he hid behind to find him – giant long swords hack at him! Wounding him fairly gravely!

However, their attention is distracted – and Korall gets to his feet behind them and walks to the last known place of the king, the throne. He stealths away (nat 20!)

To where invisible Jerek is looking for the secret exit the king took, after investigating the kings disappearance (nat 20!). Korall is disturbed by the voice from nowhere! And they find no secret door!

Meanwhile Dell has fled, evading the giants and running headlong down the smokey hallway. At the other end, invisible Annalena calls to him, trying to speak loudly enough to be heard and softly enough to not be heard by the giants, for Dell to come to her. And perhaps a GM was too nice about that working out, but indeed it does – Dell runs at full speed into the smoke of the corridor, clasp forearms with Annalena and teleport once again! To behind the throne! Korall sees Dell appear and gets another invisible voice talking to him as well! While the giants, who saw Dell running off in the other direction, move away from the throne room!

Annalena learns form Jerek the king has escaped by some kind of secret door and casts pass wall. Suddenly the secret exit is revealed to them and they press through, going from near total party death to instead hunting down the giant raider king!

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