Wow, four years – now that’s a montage!

I have a piece over on my blogger blog of blogdom on ‘Being a DM/GM in roleplaying – it doesn’t work like a book or movie

It continues my tradition of writing a reply to someone else other than my blog, then thinking ‘that’d make a good blog post – but now google will hate me when I cut and paste my own words to my own blog, ‘thinking’ I totes stolezorz it – hopefully putting in a link to it makes great god google less angry with this mortal’

But seriously, how often have new gamers used movies or books as their model for play – when those things involve just one author. And roleplaying is a co-author thing (you let someone play a character, they are a co-author. That or they are just an audience and are pretending to play a character (I’m not even going to go into ‘improvises what they say, so totally playing a character…but only improvises permutations on the scripted lines and ultimately goes where the script says to’ stuff. It’s no different from being an audience member)

Also my modest kickstarter attempt is coming to a close – $5 short of it’s massive 5000 goal…5000 cents, that is. So $50 dollar goal.

On the other hand, though having put genuine hours of labour into writing the project pitch, if I don’t make the goal I don’t have to write anything! Such liberty!

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