It’s your fault you read ‘blue’ as ‘blue’!

Say someone put on a magic show. And you go ‘cool, I’d like to learn more about the mechanics used’ and you go to their website and they talk about how it’s really magic that makes the magic show work…

Say your damn surprised and ask them and they get all ‘no, it’s not magic, it’s mechanical – you don’t understand what I wrote’

You know, if that’s a failure on the part of the reader in reading, what would a failure on the part of the writer look like? How much more would it have to refer to something that isn’t involved, before he’d go ‘Oh yeah, no, that’s actually my fault in writing’?

I mean, assuming the reader is capable of understanding the concept, then it’s a fault on the part of the writer if they don’t understand the concept described. The description failed.

And it still doesn’t add up really – oh yeah, it’s totally mechanical, that’s why you’d describe it as involving actual magic?

And no one really noticed it.

So no community to work with, as this somehow flies with everyone.