Play/rules as mirror images – and stepping through the looking glass

I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d have to describe this –

I have no descrepancy between text and play itself – if a rule says ‘Add your bonus to attack to a D20 roll, if it’s equal to 8 or over, you hit’ then that’s what play is also. They are mirror images of each other.

And where I’ve ignored a rule, as an AP example, on a critical that happened – then when the player got cocky latter and I doubled a damage, as if having stored the crit for latter? I’m making stuff up – I was not following the rules, I wasn’t playing any game the book purported to give.

It’s all been one long playtest for me, for years – it’s gone on for too long. And I kind of realise how much difference is there between someone who allows discrepancies come in between the text and play, but doesn’t acknowledge the difference, and someone who notes it privately but goes on with it as if he can finally wrangle the ruleset, the one that’ll be identical in text and in play, that’ll capture the hearts of all (or atleast all his friends).

Not alot of difference between the two.

Perhaps I’ve been encouraging and indeed even helping perpetuate this ruleset/play discrepancy thing – actually pushing my goal further and further away. Or perhaps not further away and just like a carrot on a stick attached to my collar?

Some of the new games, like capes or 3:16 actually appear to have rules that can be identical in play – though both of those have no game mechanics determined ending. No one has ever finished a game of capes or 3:16 – they have decided to stop playing, but they’ve never finished a game.

Makes it hard to write a game with a mechanically determined ending. There’s no community to help with it, and at the more important end, no community really interested in playing something that doesn’t go on for freaking ever unless you wring it’s neck.

I feel really enthused about writing my ruleset – I can think of all the happy faces, pleased to see it (and I mean pleased to see it when they actually have read it, not at the start when they are pleased because maybe they think it’s something else).[/sarcasm]

There will be no parade.

What’s the point. Utterly alone. Laboring to build a house that will always be empty.

Oh yeah, I was going to stick in a solo play option, so atleast I can rattle around in it, alone if need be.

One occupant. It’s not alot, not a huge reward vs labour of crafting, but it’s alot more than zero reward. Some sustenance to have whilst crafting.

Oh, and a link to my other blog, just to help with the other sustenance accretion.

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