‘Expectation matters’ all along, apparently (perhaps?)

I think a recent thread at the forge showed me how much people there favour their expectation over actual rules/an actual system, by the very way they behave in a thread. By the rule someone is moderator of their own thread…nuh uh, if someones expectation (not a rule, an expectation) is broken, they can just ignore all that to post just what definately needs to be posted.

Really can’t set aside expectations in favour of rules, eh?

Just give up on any of notion ‘system matters’. Rules can’t know or nuture your expectations – indeed it can be seen as a feature that rules sever your expectations. No, only GM Herbie from the system matters essay can really understand expectations. Stick with him. Because every time your expectations are about to be broken you just go and break the rules in order to keep your expectations intact.

It’s funny, people have expectations all the time – they think they can jump into a certain pond, but then find out no, spinal injuries result as it was too shallow.

When gross amounts of personal physical injury occur, then people allow their expectation to die.

But otherwise you seem trapped in expectation-ville. You can’t bow your head to a rule and let an expectation die over a rule – nay, your expectations are paramount! And hey, blood isn’t gouting out of your side, thus there’s nothing to say your expectation is wrong! This rule is wrong instead and must die! So stick with Herbie. He knows your expectations better than any stupid rule.

No, system doesn’t matter to you. Expectations do. Just embrace it.

Edit: Actually that might explain Ron’s whole ‘System is HOW we agree’, emphasis on the ‘HOW”. It’s just sliding back to expectation-ville. I mean, isn’t Herbie throwing out a bunch of rules, HOW they agree? So that’s a ‘system’ because that’s exactly HOW they agree and system matters, righty?

“Oh, that’s totatally taking it all in the wrong…”

Of course. What I’m saying is against your expectation.

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