Rorschach Play Game

All of roleplay theory seemingly tries to grasp at imagined stuff with the wrong tools. Humans are so used to dealing with physical objects, they take the same perceptions and expections of physical objects, then apply them to imaginative stuff. It’s like the old saying about a man with a hammer sees everything as nails. It’s a bit like back when phrenology was in vogue and psychology was taken to be a matter of measuring bumps on the head!

I mean, do you remember about seven years ago, when people would talk about what the characters want. Not what the players want, what the character wants. That is the sort of slip I’m talking about. Now you might say no one does that anymore, but what other slips just like it still remain, eh?

What are you actually dealing with? Well what can be done is alot like a verbal rorschach test.

Now the thing to be clear on here is that a rorschach test doesn’t force the other person to respond in some way – your asking them to give their responce to various images (or here, verbal descriptions). What they say comes from the initial trigger of what you asked them. If you asked them to say whatever they hear, then you mustn’t be surprised when they say what they hear and it isn’t the same thing you would hear.

Yet saying all this is probably pointless – there seems to be no community who’ll work this way and instead a multitude who ‘know’ the right responce to the described things.

What do you do when you discover a hobby no one plays?

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