Rule Zero and Perceptual Slip

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The initial claim was that, if you want the game to work, if you want it to be a complete, functional entity, Rule Zero is required.

So, assuming that continued, enjoyable function of the game is the primary reason for rules to exist, then they’re best served by having a Rule Zero, because without that one rule, the rest of the rules do not achieve their goal in the case of Exalted. Functionality is absolutely a requirement of a complete game system.

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It had me going for awhile while having the sense of wrong in the back of my head.

The wrong is in the initial expectation – who is to provide the ‘complete’ game?

I like to think I follow a very common trend in that the person who made the product supplies all of the product.

However, what if you blur the desire of wanting a complete game? Blur it so much that you want a complete game – no matter who makes it complete? And oh look, here’s rule zero – and ‘I want a complete game’ and hey, I’ll use rule zero and hey look, you need rule zero if you want a complete game.

Except it’s not ‘want a complete game’ in any sort of standard, day to day sense. It’s ‘want a complete game’ in a sort of burning desire, do whatever it takes, doesn’t matter who does it just get it done, way.

I see this sort of…issue(?) around alot. I wonder if I’ve broken into the unconcious part of it this time?

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