Short update

Few,  it’s been awhile since I posted here.

I think with my other blog, as the readily apparent monetized content ideas started to run out I switched to using it more as a personal blog…and so I didn’t bring my more personal things here.

So,  does anyone know of a good blog listing service?

On to development – currently I’m looking more toward actual fiscal return, if you didn’t already guess. This is less about trying to get a ‘good’ design and instead something that greases the wheels of income. It grants a distance that leads to an interesting perspective – for all the roleplayer designers who will go on about how awesome this or that game is, none of it comes down to any real fiscal traction in the real world. What is a ‘good’ game, how can I make one and sell it to you?

Oh, RP designers will answer and talk and waffle on and on – they love having you by the ear cause you need this. But really, seemingly, all they want to do is talk about what is a ‘good’ game – they don’t want to play a good game or buy one, they want to talk and talk and talk.

That’s the perspective I gained from looking at fiscal systems rather than RP systems – RP designers only want to talk about what’s good. They don’t want to give any concrete examples, it’s all left in handwavery vagueness which, if you ask about it, of course, involves more talk. And more talk. It just ends up a talk trap that goes nowhere concrete.

I suppose that’s not even a bad thing in itself, if they don’t want to go anywhere concrete – it’s just the acting as if they are in the process of making something real, that’s the issue.

Of course the general audience for things outside RP, is actually pretty nacisitic, with each individual confusing their own preferences for ‘how to do things’, thus it’s a completely unnurturing environment out there for discovering your own path – one of the reasons I blundered into talk traps, I guess.

I’ve got some ideas for what might be called the survivalist creator, I’ll see if I can line some up for those of you in a similar position to myself, some time in the future. Probably duplicate posts on both my blogs.

Oh, and I have a web comic called dungeons and abstractions! I find it amusing, and I don’t think I’m a unique snowflake!

7 thoughts on “Short update

  1. interesting comic, or web comic I guess. It’s in the top five web comics I’ve ever read. It’s also in the top five worst web comics I’ve ever read. I’ve only read three web comics. Why I said top five and bottom five instead of three I’ll never know.

    1. p.s. I posted a comment here and not there because it wouldn’t let me. Something about unvalidated weapons of mass destruction, or nothing like that at all.

    2. interesting comment, or web comment I guess. It’s in the top five web comments I’ve ever read. It’s also in the top five worst web comments I’ve ever read. I’ve only read three web comments. Why I said top five and bottom five instead of three I’ll never know.

      Anyway, I wouldn’t read the comic expecting to see my soul invested into the work put into every panel. That takes dinner and dancing first!

      1. Dinner and dancing? Are you trying to seduce the comic? Is dinner and dancing how you seduce something? I’m totally unaware on seducing. Perhaps I should google it? or perhaps I should google google? I’m sure someone must have done it before, but then that ruins my theory that googling google would implode the universe, unless of course no one has done it.

        Anyway, I’m off to impolde the universe!

    1. I think they should call it dinner THEN dancing – too many terrible, terrible mistakes have been made…

      And I don’t need to know about your impolding inclinations…besides, wouldn’t googling ‘invasive bastards’ implode the universe?

      1. I don’t even know where to begin to answer that. Or do I mean how in exchange for where? I don’t even know why to begin to answer that. I guess any word could work. I don’t even know banana to begin to answer that. Makes sense to me.

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