Philosopher gamer, video games, mmorpg, pieces of string

Video games, mmorpgs, traditional table top roleplaying, more!

And sorry to regular readers* – I’m trying to direct google to spider into that site – it seems to do it for this blog really quick and it occured to me I’ve only linked to the other blog in edits, which the spider might not pick up on.

Traffic, traffic, traffic!

I just want it to start showing up! I didn’t even try with this blog and it shows up on google! Crazy!

* Or am I humouring myself in thinking there are? 😉

3 thoughts on “Philosopher gamer, video games, mmorpg, pieces of string

  1. Just as a subnote, I looked at the cached version google has of my site – yeah, it only has the pre-edit version. And it’s ignoring this new post for the time being. Hmmm.

  2. Also, bear in mind that google has specific methods to find and stop deliberate page-rank manipulation, so you might actually be sending your blog to the bottom of the list!

  3. Well, I can google it now and with the search term ‘Philosopher gamer’ I get first place!

    How often are people gunna use that search term? Not very often, lol! But it’s first place none the less.

    And all the other key words I use to try and generate traffic have alot of competition. Really I should have named it makemoneycashboobies or something (joking!)

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