Imagination addiction?

I was messing around in the runes of magic mmorpg with a new alt. As I often do, I was thinking of how you could make this gameplay engaging instead of alot of waiting and tasks which are about as complex as navigating the web.

And I had this lateral thought that I’m just kind of hooked on this imagined world thing, and I’m going to be hooked either way and I’m just trying to find some difficult gameplay so as to validate the feeding of my addiction. Kind of like if one was addicted to beer, and one started up a micro brewery to sell beers, as a way of validating it when feeding that addiction. It’s constructive, but it’s still just trying to make up for the addiction.

I don’t think that’s a real priority on designing difficult gameplay, upon reflection. It’s not a priority, it’s just doing it to try and make up for something else.

Hmm, I’ve often tried to figure out rules designs that are satisfying. No wonder it was so hard…it’s an addiction, it’s never satisfied. Atleast not for long.


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