4 thoughts on “Another classic image – Leia pillow fight!

  1. Guy, I can’t tell if you’ve decided to support their personal policy/are considering it/are commenting against it…

    or if your repeating their personal policy as how things are, because you feel your not in a position to make your own decision about how they act upon other people?

  2. You’re making stupid assumptions.

    None of the above.

    I am stating how things are. Nothing less, nothing more. Regardless of how I feel about it, it’s not my “decision about how…”, as there’s no action to be taken on my part. I can have a stance.
    Furthermore, it’s not “personal policy”. It’s a company policy.

    Don’t bandy with words when you twist them so, it’s ungainly.

  3. Guy, I would argue those points, but right now it doesn’t feel like you think I could offer anything of use to you on any of those points. Am I wrong on that and you do think I have something useful for you to hear on those points?

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