Mystic Sap, moral quandry

Hmmm, I’ve got this concern – it’s kind of a cross of essentially falling victim to various GM’s (and sometimes players) whim in game, and yet needing whim to create. When I say falling victim, I don’t mean in any particularly deliberately malicious way – the person just thought it was cool. It was not – or atleast from my perspective it was not. But by the same token – I need to design by whim to some extent, because what else is there – there’s no big list of instructions for following in terms of design. Your just making shit up.

So I’m both lothing whim (for what it does to people – yes, I care about my whim doing this to someone else, I don’t just think only other peoples whims can ever be and mine are always good and fine), and yet needing whim.

I’ve sort of settled on the idea that I will say what I make may not be suitable for human consumption. I’ll literally stick that on the game somewhere at the front. Because it might not be suitable, because of whim. But I need whim (or call it muse, if your not getting what I mean)

If people actually decided to play it even having read that, and I got enough reports (20? 50? 100?) back off people that seemed…well, unharmed is the word I’d use, then I’d take that label off.

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