Idea; hidden gamble

Ohh, quick idea! Just had this idea that players have some mechanism in play where they can bet resources on themselves – then it breaks down to the GM deciding how things go. Okay, this has been done a million times before.

BUT! What if the players write down how much resources they bet on themselves, on a sheet of paper that the GM doesn’t what they stand to lose on the matter (perhaps zero – they may have bet nothing!), until it’s all resolved!? There’s no bias here like “Oh no, the poor players are going to have a bad time because they are going to lose X – oh, I’ll bend the imagined world to something that makes them win, but pretend I wasn’t warping it at all”.

Oooh, I like that. It gets away from GM’s who fudge whether you like it or not in your favour – it gets away from hoping/influencing the GM to fudge in your favour (which in a strictly gamist play to win sense, makes sense. So it needs to be eliminated (unless you want to keep this relatively sad level of gamism – it’s like a whining to the refereee sort of gamism))

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