Mystic Sap, material #3

Actually now I’m tempted to use rooms in the video game version as well. I’m thinking about having a preset sequence of rooms (each ‘room’ is a clearing in a forrest) and after a certain number of rooms there’s a chance of being attacked by the unkillable monsters (a raptor, to be exact). In all the rooms prior theirs a search node and that’s where the D6 roll comes in – your hoping to get to to the finish line number/find the mystic sap, before you get into the raptors territory. Further, with a nod to nethack like randomness, there wouldn’t just be a series of rooms in one line (like a railway track). There would be a few in various directions, but which have a node is random, adding some variability to the journey. But there will always be X amount of nodes before the raptor territory (which adds some fiddling to the coding process, I guess)

I have this funny quibble though – I feel the rooms should be in some asymmetricalshape. And yet then I think of the overall map and why am I putting effort into this and wasting map space (possibly creating further logistics problems) when I could do it neatly in a straight line or such? I’m facing alot of uncertain problems in the future for something I don’t even have a concrete reason why I’m doing it.

Anyway, here’s a visualisation of the sort of rooms/forrest clearings of an area, where the eycalypt/sap nodes are (random path of them) and where the raptor territory starts. Hopefully you find some mystic sap before you step over that line and into a random chance of a raptor pouncing upon you!

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