Mystic sap, material #2

Basically working on this as I go…

Laying out some stuff again, with the video game first then table top annotation after

  • You get a random 1D6 each turn and if you land on an increment of 10 you leap ahead 11 spaces. Probably need to get to or over 100 points (this may be adjusted in future).
  • You roll 1D6 and if you land on an increment of 10 you can describe your characters actions – either they have a 100% chance of moving 11 spaces forward, or if the actions didn’t seem to warrant it, there’s a 20% chance you stay where you are (otherwise you move forward). ALSO once per game, if you don’t like your roll you can describe a move and if the GM thinks its applicable, you get to reroll and choose which of the two rolls you keep. Pretty cuddley stuff.

Ah damn, just had an idea that’s off topic – but this is my blog so screw it. I’m thinking that this is the GM judging how effective it is…but what if I had some system where the GM just decides if something happens, then the system decides if that’s an effective or non effective thing. Umm, like perhaps the situation is pushing a boulder. Players describe their thing. The GM determines if that would move a boulder forward. BUT this doesn’t determine if that’s an effective move (lets say effective means it lands on a monster below). Theres a procedure in the rules that determines if it was a worthwhile move or not (and the GM can’t really predict how it will go). So the GM is basically detached from determining if people win or not. He just says how he thinks things would go.

Eh, rough. And no wonder I get distracted. Okay, back to the post.

  • In the video game, I think I’ll just have it as a counter. Probably an area you can go to on a world map, which then activates this as a mini game and the counters show up.
  • In the table top I think I would sketch a series of rooms, kind of like a dungeon (though here it’s like a winding path in thick bushland). Each room involves another roll, which represents searching around for the tree’s that give this stuff.

It’s funny, it seemed less substantive when I just had it in my head – it seems more tangible in it’s written out form. It didn’t seem enough before, but I think I may have been mistaken on that feeling.

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