Mystic sap

I think I’m going to code something with a basic sort of snakes and ladders construct to it. Probably mostly just ladders on the players side, perhaps with a counter, moving 1D6 each time and if you land on an increment of ten it jumps you forward 11 spaces. There also a second counter which goes up by one each time and if it gets to its max before you do, you lose.

I’m trying to keep this as something that could be played as table top, rather than give in to the temptation to do an enjoyable space invaders clone, which isn’t genuinely replicable on the table top. I’m thinking that on each ten instead you can describe your characters actions – either it 100% jumps you forward, or has a 20% of not moving you any further at all, based on GM judgement/read of the fictional situation.

Speaking of fiction I’m thinking it’ll be the hunt for a slightly rare mystically charmed sap, oozing from eucalyptus trees (this is a game inspired by Rifts Australia), which can be applied to weapons to sting and scare otherwise unkillable monsters away. A way to survive. (latter on there will be the crafting of weapons which can actually harm the unkillable creatures)

I’m also trying to keep it simple – there’s an effort to eventual fun ratio that must be maintained, otherwise it takes more effort than it will be fun in the end. That’s why there’s a basic structure here which is mildly amusing in a gamist guts sense.

I guess writing it out helps start the constructive process by making me feel I’ve done something, even if it’s basically completing a rough draft toward the game.

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