“I know the right way, your just under a missconception/reading it the wrong way”

More second hand, but good quality, content! From my reply in a thread at the forge.

Your concerned about them getting missconceptions about what roleplay is, or an impression it’s a game mainly about numbers – why are these missconceptions, or false impressions? What if your own idea of what roleplay is, is a missconception and false impression? It’s easy to think our own ideas make sense, while the other guy is just under a missconception.

Reading the texts of D&D, up to and including 4E, is still alot like looking at clouds and seeing shapes and creatures which just aren’t there. As much as cloud gazing can inspire the imagination, so can looking at any edition of D&D.

The problem is when people look into a cloud/the rules text and most assuredly assert X IS THERE! And say everyone else is wrong or has a missconception if they don’t see it.

I think this mostly comes up because people don’t realise they are cloud gazing, they really think X is there in the text.

If everyone realises they are cloud gazing when they read the games texts, I think it works out – everyone knows what they are seeing isn’t really there, and so they can work together to meld the things they ‘see’ into one actual thing they all agree on, then do that thing.

Are you prepared to see the something valid in what they see, rather than just see it as missconception? Are they prepared to do the same in regards to your vision? Once you are, then you can work out a deal on what to keep and what not to keep (well, usually most people are capable of making a deal – I will grant it’s possible you may not be able to make a deal between you).

If not – well, when someone sees something no one else can and they insist people do things a certain way ‘because it’s there’, it always reminds me of religion.

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