Neat idea for descriptive bonus XP

Though this was a neat idea here, except I’d say instead of dividing XP gained for creative description, everyone gets the same amount of XP. Ie, if someone gets 30 XP for a creative move but then, in a group of six, only gets 5 points and watchs a bunch of couch potatoes get 5XP for doing nothing, you feel like your being sponged off of. But if everyone gets 30XP (or whatever the award is), then hey, cool!

Though the poster did seem to give it to protect people who feel they are being ‘punished’ if they aren’t creative and stuff. But, rather than trying to deal with that wussyness (as I see it), I think it’s nifty for other reasons. Though I do think people need some sort of kick in the pants, even if only mildly, rather than just giving to them or they feel all sad and stuff cause it’s ‘punishment’ not to get something they put no effort into getting.

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