“There, I’ve got my design half built! I wonder how it actually works?”

You know, there’s this post on the first thoughts page at the forge and it sounds like the guy has made all these mechanics but is only just now deciding what the machine is for!? Building amachine and then deciding what the machine is for after or half way through? He’s now trying to get them to work in a consistent manner, he says. Consistent with what??? He had no intention when he made them, but now he wants make them to work consistently with…what? What intention? Mechanics don’t mystically just come with some sort of method – all there is is human intent, and it wasn’t there?

If someone intended to go in, knowing they had no intention and then kind of find/inventing it half way through, I get that as a sort of found art/find inspiration where you can. But it doesn’t seem to be that at all? It’s just making mechanics and then getting them to work half way through? It sounds like a sort of repeating habit of having played traditional games and then half way through having to get the damn thing working – but to actually build something and then get it working towards some goal half way through?

And as you can see, I look completely unhelpful and disruptive. And yet I think they’re all valid questions – it all looks like a big error! But I suppose on reflection, why am I that worried about someone walking into a big error? Care so much I’m disruptive? Could be.

Anyway, posting it here to get it out of my system.

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