6 thoughts on “Amuses my dark sense of humour, anyway

  1. I’ll have to try that feature…

    By the by, consider that in regards to how I said that “Working Game” in the “Social Activity” sense doesn’t mean, and is not supposed to mean anything beyond “Working for this particular group.”


  2. I was only thinking about mmorpg culture when I made that up (since it’s a wow thing anyway), I assure you. 🙂

    I’ll tell you though, I’ve had a friend start laying down guilt out of the blue, whilst playing WOW, because I didn’t follow a convention of his that was pure invention on his part. And if you look into RPG.net threads on ‘what is ganking?’ you’ll see people struggling to get common ground, simply because their idea of ganking is made up to begin with.

    Mmorpgs are crawling with this sort of stuff, and they wont just say it’s just for their particular group. It’s for ‘their’ game – so it’s for everyone who plays it, apparently.

  3. Hi Jatori,

    Heh, I was thinking I should have had the point value at 665 but then made a second achievement just called ‘Relgion’ with the text “As Faux Religon, but act upon it” and that gets the 666 point value. But that was getting too fiddley with the joke, heh!

  4. Like many things, with minor changes, it applies to most groups.

    Like when I’ve read a book about magical societies, and was struck by how much it reminded me of the online indie RPG community, or the academic environment, or almost any group of individuals.

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