Outbreaks of thrift! Argh! And treat drunk girls how you want to, ad says.

Just a quick one about two things that have been bugging me, and I realise that I atleast can have some effect upon them by posting:

#1. With the economic downturn in America and such, the news services are talking about “Outbreaks of thrift”???

This scares me, because if a country can’t choose to be thrifty without everything falling over, that means when they are spending, they aren’t spending because they want to, they are spending because they have to!

It’s stopped being a choice and become a necessity! Can you see how your choice has actually been taken away? While you might feel like a choice when you go spend, you actually have a fiscal Damocles sword hanging over you.

Whether it’s America or Australia (my location) the news report talks about, it’s disturbing none the less.

#2. They have this advert on in Australia at the moment, against binge drinking in teens.

In one of them, the girl gets drunk and yeah, it’s panties off behind a bush. And then someone has taken a photo of her and other people are laughing while looking at the photo.

What gets me with this advert is that taking that photo is a form of sexual assault, as much as someone sneaking a photo of a woman while she showers, or suchlike.

“Oh, but she was drunk, she was asking for it!”

Wow, rape her as well then! She’s drunk, so it’s a free ticket to do with her as ya wish!

That’s actually the government sponsored ads message – she got drunk, and when you get drunk, the other person is allowed to sexually assault you by photographing you without permission while your compromised. So don’t get drunk! What a great anti drinking advert!

I should do more and write to this government – but the logistics suck – what reward do I get for any of it? Nothing, so I’m unlikely to do it. Yet I ‘should’ do it, as in there’s a feeling of compulsion. Annoying. Really to do so is acting the shepard rather than the flock, and once you start doing that, it never stops.

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