Book excerpt: The judging eye

Oh god, the fourth ‘prince of nothing’ book is coming out (actually, the prince of nothing was the first three books…not sure what to call the next three). The excerpt…it gives a sample of religious fervor, yet it never just goes over the top in that fervour? But at the same time, lives are snuffed out almost asthe dot is placed on an ‘i’. Scott Baker is horrible as author (not a horrible author, horrible subject matter…no, interesting subject matter, but horrible issues…gah, you know what I mean!!!), in that the fervor he writes about is somewhat understandable, with nuances you can empathise with – and it makes you realise how emotionally close you can feel to hell. Assuming you’d designate these belief executions as hell or such.

These books break my heart, honestly.

I suppose your supposed to rave about books you read, rather than describe how you lament upon reading their contents. I would describe the prince of nothing books more as a personal journey you may or may not deign to take, rather than entertainment. Still, some people seem to find them simply as entertainment, so hey, I might not be the best guy to listen too. The main guy, Khelus, kicks ass with a sword, plucks arrows from the air like a man might pull a book from a shelf, and is cool like quenched steel. Step in – it’ll be entertainment.

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