Dofus adds extra challenge layer to combat

I got the usual advertising from dofus recently (having played it once). But this one was interesting – they added random challenges to combat. Scroll down on this page and you’ll find the details.

What I find interesting is that on top of regular mmorpg combat, they have these extra conditions that you can fulfil if you wish. If you fulfil them, extra treasure. If you don’t, regular treasure. And reading them they would seem to change how you’d play out a combat a fair bit.

In terms of mmorpgs it seems a really good idea, where combat was often just repeating the same sequence over and over. This seems to vary it, and also seems quite easy to implement – your not changing the environment to add challenge, your just adding some extra conditions to the combat code. Also it slightly spurred my imagination somewhat, thinking why you might have the ‘zombie’ challenge is because the last fight gave you a wounded leg. Of course it didn’t in directly described mechanical terms, but at the same time, such a piece of imagination does fit the situation. And that’s cool to me 🙂

Here’s hoping mmorpgs do what they usually do, copy good ideas, and copy this one 🙂

Though I have to say, I’m playing grand chase at the moment. Kind of like medieval metal slug, or super smash brothers, I suppose. That’s quite challenging just with its regular set up – I’ve been meaning to post about this mmo’s great qualities at some point.

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