Hehe, I got in Newstopia’s user comment spotlight


And I’ll repost it here, since SBS will rip the websight away as soon as the series ends

I found the obsequious Micallef rather disturbing and it reduced my comfort rating of this planet in a general sense.

Bring back pantomime hitler!

 And…yeah. Just being a fawning fanboy…I guess some self referential humour right now might raise me out of that quagmire of fanboy glee. Ummm. Yeah.

Also you can watch the latest episode here

Did I mention I think I saw Micallef in St Kilda park. Twice! I even saw him buy something at the newsagent. Well, I think it was him. He was very quiet, perhaps on covert operations…though he picked up his pace after awhile…it was quite hard to keep following him everywhere…


No, I jest! I do!

2 thoughts on “Hehe, I got in Newstopia’s user comment spotlight

  1. Yahoo babel fish tells me you said

    “Regards, I thought that this entirely so it does not occur”

    Well, I feel I’m part of an episode of inspector herring now, so comment approved! 🙂

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