Demo of a forest survial game gone gun happy

Wrote this small demo awhile ago and decided to compile it.

It was sort of the base for an unreal world like game (like nethack, but you wander forests and earn your living by hunting. And if you don’t know what nethack is, your on the wrong blog).

It’s funny – while in unreal world, I would just walk through its forests quite merrily, I cannot bear to write such a thing myself. I guess in unreal world I never quite knew when it was going to be utterly predictable and what would come up. In my own game, I’m all too aware.

So I wrote a shoot ’em up. Indeed, a spiritual shoot ’em up. You shoot feelings of fatigue, despair, thirst, hunger, etc. It’s sort of an internal struggle externalised to a blast fest šŸ™‚ Inspired by apache overkill (yeah, I wrote about that game recently, but was inspired by it awhile ago).

Edit: Actually, I don’t like the word inspired. What I mean is I saw the thing, saw there was some good quality in it that I liked and tried to figure out what it was, then use that. Pedantic, but yeah, there you go.

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