Game Design: The other authors grass is always greener?

I was playing apache overkill today.

I’m thinking, perhaps it’s not just the difficulty of a game that can attract me. I can be attracted by the care and effort put into its craftsmanship. Or in a perhaps more immersed way, how the world grabs me.

I’ve focused for years on making really good difficult mechanics. But while I’ve enjoyed alot of other authors games, even the easier ones, I always flounder in terms of making a game that grabs me.

Perhaps that’s because I’m instinctively interested in other people/other authors. Of course that interest doesn’t apply to my own creations. Of course I can’t make something that has the same grab these other authors ‘have’, because a large part of that grabbyness is my own interest in other peoples works. I can’t make a game as good as theirs, because a large part of what makes games good for me is that I find out about someone elses creation. My own creations can never provide that! It has to be someone else!

Perhaps I should be more narcissistic? How do you get over this? Can you?

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