How much do you see in your own eyes, that your mind invents?

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror, and tried to see your eyes as merely geletinous, moist orbs? Like, without meaning, like you might look into the lens of a camera without seeing meaning in its glass?

It’s quite hard to do and kind of unpleasant (I didn’t sustain it for more than a fraction of a second) – but it gives you a peek at something. I put a picture here to give a vague impression of it.


The picture is pretty mild, but trying in front of a mirror is pretty strong stuff to try. It shows how close some strong stuff is, in our mundane everyday lives.

And no, I don’t recommend it for cheap thrills. Do it with a mind to form a conclusion at some point, don’t just do it to titilate your sense of horror or whatever. Of course reality will seem pointless if you go into it without a damn point in mind.

2 thoughts on “How much do you see in your own eyes, that your mind invents?

  1. Any artist whose tried to paint eyes has done this. This is not strong stuff. This is mundane stuff. You have built up in your mind some ideas which arne’t correct — that there is meaning in eyes. there isn’t.

  2. Really?

    How do you know that for certain?

    What I faced was my own decision to see no meaning. Whatever the real state of affairs, it’s possible for me to decide that. That’s the thing I really saw.

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