Warcraft gamer with 36 accounts ‘It’s a hobby!’

I noticed this in RPG.net wow threads first and I would post there ‘cept for the moderator sanctioned bullying/stalking.

Here’s a link to an article about a guy with 36 accounts.

There’s this concept that if they call it a hobby, that justifies it.

Now fair enough, pretty much anything can be called a hobby. Walking around a local park each day could be called a hobby, and that’s fine by me.

But by the same token, if anything can be called a hobby, then there are no particular practices that are tied to the word. That other people spend more money on their hobby doesn’t mean money has to be spent on a hobby at all (ie, the local park walk). That it’s a ‘Hobby’ doesn’t justify what you do to perform that.

But it’s like this escape clause for them ‘Hey, it’s a hobby, and you think hobbies are okay, therefore you think me playing for hours and hours is okay…cause that’s part of the hobby and you saiiiiid is okay, mmmkay!’

It’s like people play for hours and hours…and then decide they need something to justify this devotion “Oh, yeah, I think of it as a hobby!”

Sorry, when did you start thinking that? After the 200th hour? What was it before that, for 200 hours? Not five minutes, not thirty minutes…after around 200 hours of doing something, you then your doing a hobby?

You’d have to excuse me for thinking, whatever it was for all those hours, it still is. It isn’t a hobby, it’s whatever it was during those hours. And it continues to be that rather than what you’ve just decided to name it.

What name someone might give that, I dunno. But whatever it is, it’s practitioners will name it one thing when it’s another. Whatever it is, it’s provokes a certain denial or dishonesty.

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