Thrown together game, using D&D mini’s and some of their rules.

Based on my recent post “Do the events of the game inspire creativity from you, or do you get creative just to keep the game going?“, I wrote up a small game session.

It was a small one so as to make it a small gamble. Basically I got some old board sections from the first D&D basic game, got some of the D&D minatures game I’d bought, and then looked them over, to see if they inspired anything (so I put them to work, to a degree, to inspire creativity, rather than just draw upon myself in whole).

I’d also envisioned what I wanted to do before that, and had decided there would be searching spots – look in the right spot, and it gives you information against the enemy. This gives you ‘Add’ points…that’s all I have as a name for them. It’s just a pool of points and after you’ve rolled, you can take points from the pool and add it to the roll. You search after a battle, getting two tries per room, each giving you 7 Add.

But otherwise there was no AOO, most special abilities/attacks were removed, so it was just roll, roll, roll. Yes, that’s not amazing to think about…and? If I invest creativity to make it more interesting, the game has to pay back that back in inspiration. I’m rather tired of gambling like that.

Also I designed it so it could/would be run multiple times (the monsters just pop back/respawn afterward). That way I could get more out of it, in terms of any inspiration to be found.

I played it with my eight year old son – I liked it alright. I’d written it so I was a player too. It was a bit like snakes and ladders with more handling time, but in compensation, with much cooler figurines and boards involved. And the searching was good (though I didn’t do any, because I determined them).

In other words, I’d play it every so often, but it’s not terribly compelling. I’d say it gives a little inspiration over time, in recalling it. Not a big payoff, but a bit of a pay off.

In terms of spending that inspiration, I was thinking as well as the search spots, I might also have something where the player can, once per room, describe how something in the room helps the villains plans. I’d either, GM style, give this a reward of 1 to 3 Add points, or perhaps something else? Perhaps it gives 1 point by default, but as a player I can opt to risk one of my add points to give him another. Like say I roll 1D20 and if it’s a 1, I lose my add point and the other player gets nothing. But if I roll anything else, he gets another add point and I keep my point too.

That’s a tricky way, because it still rewards trying to do well on the description, because who wants to gamble on a weak description. I think I’ll use this!

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