‘Make the game your own’

This came up on the forge recently in a T&T thread, but it’s advice I’ve heard in reference to all roleplay games, it seems.

Make the game your own.

This is what I said, in part and with fewer spelling mistakes!

Terrible, horrible person here asking, why would you make it your own, when you don’t even know if it’s any good yet?

Is this like choosing what sports team you barrack for – it’s not a matter of their past performance, it’s more about just believing in one? Fair enough I would say, if that’s the case. I don’t knock peoples passion for a team, whether the teams behind or ahead. I respect that passion.

But if your not choosing that way, then going straight to making it your own is skipping any qualitative evaluation of the product and going straight to making it your own, as if the product is inherently good somehow and already deserves to be made your own.

If you want to run a qualitative assessment, I would suggest that if it’s intended that to play the game you choose what rules components you employ, then choosing those components is actually gameplay itself, even before your sketching out a dungeon, let alone rolling dice against a monster in a particular room of it.

Since the start of play is choosing components…if you want to do a qualitivie analysis, is finding all the components you can, fun? If so, choose some components, then see if that felt fun to do so. If that’s fun, move on to the next steps, and so on. I think that’s one way of evaluating it.

Qualitive assessment or believing in it like your loyal to a sports team. Either is a good choice. I’m not sure if there’s a third way to come from or not.

Which way are you coming from, or does neither seem applicable?

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