I found ‘Inquisition’ at 1KM1KT and played it

I left the following comment there and thought I’d put it here as well

I tried it and got to LOC 6.4! Had a rough start, then a sequence of health packs. But it wasn’t enough and a daemonette chewed me down until I killed her. Next room a chaos marine sealed my fate!

It’s a really nice base. There might be some way of getting an element in which uses the imagination, into it. But that’d probably take it to a two page thing.

It’s entirely gamble based, so I don’t have alot of enthusiasm for another go because I can’t really do anything to change where I lost last time. But it was fun to play through!

What’d be interesting is if you record where certain monsters die, and it affects the next play. Like say the daemonette corpse rots, and when you play again and come across the room the body was in, the bodys parts can be used to make a medi kit. Or made into an extra weapon to add a point to attack until a one is rolled. Or something like that.

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