Just a quick one – As we understand the system we live in, a psychopath, or a group of psychos who are gunna kill people, deserve X amount of police investigation/effort.

Okay, what happens if they are called terrorists? Do they get more than X amount of police investigation?

Why? Their just psycho’s, aren’t they? Why do they get more than the usual amount of attention?

The only reason I can think of, is that psycho’s don’t tend to propergate, while terrorist seem to be able to persuade others to their cause.

So why doesn’t the political talk about terrorists attempt to justify the extra efforts by stating this difference? Why do politicians and media just talk about dealing with terrorism, rather than talking about what, if anything, makes them different from a regular psycho? Why do they just talk about what we must do to stop terrorists? Talking over and over again, as if the cause is just, without need of further question and it’s just a matter of persuading us to it, when what makes a terrorist different from regular psychos is their ability to persua…oh…

Never mind. It’s not like were going to raise ourselves above just being persuaded to causes, rather than question the reason for the cause exists to begin with.

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