Tiny adventure design musings

Some meandering thoughts on designing my own tiny adventures game.

First of all, each entry and it’s solution/failure result will be an expression of what I think is important. I think I will talk about survival in a sort of hard wilderness. There may be magic elements, but thats just to be a more fun representation of mundane problems. It’s still talking about what’s important to me and that’s the point of reading it, to find out what’s important to me. But there’s also going to be some room to reflect on what’s important to you. More on that shortly.

Each entry is a problem situation and again, the solution is talking about what I think is important (what I think is a good solution). The fail result is also what I find important, in what you would do to salvage the situation upon failing. Even the stat used to roll against will be a reflection of what I think is tested in the situation. I’m not sure what stats I’ll have – I think I will have wisdom, because for all it’s faults I think it’s sad no other games apart from D&D have wisdom – wisdom is a real element, even in our modern world. Well, probably no other games, anyway. And I might have some about love and romance, which then allows me to use the tag ‘love’ in this post semi legitimately >:) and perhaps increasing page views. God I’m mercenary – but I genuinely would be really pleased to hear someone comment about love and how its many questions might be implemented!

Finally, there player gets to reflect on the situation. I’m not sure how to present it, but basically you get three options to choose from, each of them gives you a certain amount of points towards a certain stat power up (used like a potion). These stat power ups would last X amount of encounters.

The three options might be something like how you would feel if you were there:

  1. Confident that your taking the right course of action.
  2. Speculative about another way to handle the situation.
  3. Hate it being in the situation and would have really tried another path.

Each would have different stat bonuses given for each encounter.

And here’s the twist – the confident one would always give more points towards a stat bonus than the rest.

“BUT!!!! That means we’d always choose confident as its optimal, and what if I’m not!?”

What if your not indeed – this is the thing. The others will give various stat bonuses and there’s a random element. You might very well be able to get through comfortably when you have no confidence in what I present as important. You can make your own path, in other words, and present your own arguement for what’s effective. Sure, the games slanted against you – that’s how I make a convincing arguement! I’d hardly make it go against my arguement! 🙂

I doubt that’s attractive to the vast majority of roleplayers, who are incredibly fiction focused – here, the fun thing is about a man to man discussion with me – well, you read my arguement in the game and argue against it. Then we probably discuss it latter in a forum or whatever. The payoff is hardly in the fiction, even though the thing which is the payoff (the discussion) will heavily reference the fiction.

Ah, that was some good meandering!

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