You want an activity that is about agreeing about fiction…you want it, therefore you have it, right?

The title just about poses the question entirely.

Okay, you want an activity where you all agree about fiction.

So you’d think if you want to agree, then you’d just agree.

And since you can just agree, and the other people you know can just agree, you can just decide to have an activity which is about agreeing with the fiction and BAM, you will get what you decided?

Will you?

I don’t really know how to put it any better than that, without getting ‘esoteric’ or whatever.

What if your future self does NOT wish to agree to the fiction? Haven’t you ever changed your mind on an issue? Something new comes up in between now and then, some new reason not to agree with a certain bit of fiction you otherwise would have agreed with.

I would say you cannot agree to a fiction agreement session – because something might come up between now and when that session arrives, that makes you unable to agree with some/all of the fiction. Agreeing to a fiction agreement session is the same as agreeing to a win tatslotto session. It’s a matter of chance as to whether you can do it – your agreement is rather meaningless, except like a lottery, you have to have bought a ticket to have a chance at all. However, having bought your ticket, that’s everything you can do.

Nah, too esoteric this piece, I bet. It doesn’t have enough practical ramification clear and present. I guess I could say it’s talking about a certain kind of madness – there’s a practical ramification. But everyone will get really uncomfortable with that as a practicality, I suppose. I don’t know why – I could say ‘look both ways before you cross the street’ and people don’t stress that I’m talking about someone potentially walking in front of a bus. In fact they find the advice boring and humdrum, not even a sliver of controversy. But if I say ‘look both ways before you cross your mind’ they freak out, like being run down by madness is worse and a taboo subject, while being run down and turned into sidewalk pizza by a bus is a perfectly comfortable subject. Ha! I suppose I should be explicit – when I say the problem is a kind of madness, I don’t bring up madness as a social stigma to shame and belittle – I bring it up as a problem like being hit by a bus is a problem. No shame, just impact.

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