The sickness in sickness

I think there’s a second layer in sickness. There’s this layer where your supposed to overcome it, get over it and get on with – well, frankly all the stuff society has decided to surround you with (it’s not like there are sabre tooth tigers still around to deal with – ie, whatever surrounds you is there because someone decided – someone supposedly on the same side). This is second sickness, because like a virus fooling a cell into duplicating itself, this too is a virus and it fools your mind into duplicating it.

Well, to be more exact, you trust it and that ‘fools’ you. But the insistancy that you pick yourself up and continuing societies great march (ie, tend the machines you’ve been assigned) knows no limit in terms of trust – it follows no overall structure, it simply bullies, shoves, cajoules, demands. It doesn’t appear to if you think it must have some limit, that it must follow some structure. Whether it does or it is merely your own invention that it must, I’ll leave to the reader.

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